Father Posts in Electric Forest Groups Seeking Closure for Son’s Death

The 2018 edition of Electric Forest offered its attendees a fun-filled eight-day multi-genre event. As you know, where there is good, there is bad. In this case, the unfortunate circumstances include the ongoing disappearance of Kevin Graves and the tragic death of Hunter Lurie.

Rod Lurie, the loving father of Hunter, has accepted his son’s passing and has chosen to focus on the fact that “he died dancing. There is something to be said for that.”

He recently began reaching out to several different Electric Forest groups in hopes of acquiring the full sets from artists that his son would have seen during the final days leading up to his death.

They say that music brings people together. If this will help Hunter’s family have closure and a better understanding of Hunter’s passing, our community should come together in order to show our support during this difficult time.

Rod was shooting a movie in Bulgaria while his son was attending the festival. When he was advised that his son was not in stable conditions, he rushed to the airport to be by his side. He was able to hold his son’s hand in his final moments on Earth.

Check out Rod’s heart-wrenching post below:

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