Deepend & Joe Killington – Could Be Love

Dutch deep house act Deepend has collaborated with UK singer/songwriter Joe Killington to release a killer new track on Spinnin’ Records. ‘Could Be Love’ is an upbeat, tropical feeling tune, marking Deepend’s return to Spinnin’ after a European tour with David Guetta.

“2018 has proven to be an exciting year for me; a fresh step forward musically, but also a new chapter in my career in regards to performing solo and seizing new opportunities. ‘Could Be Love’ resembles that fresh feeling perfectly, it’s a record that underlines the new vibe Deepend is currently in.” – Falco ven den aker

Moving forward as a solo act, ‘Could Be Love’ harkens back to Deepend’s original feel and instantly puts you on your feet. Joe Killington’s vocals and songwriting tell the story of a man pining after a woman. The deep house vibes resonate through the whole track, making it a perfect addition to any festival or playlist.

“Good to hear the first responses are positive, and I’ve been playing the song during my summer tour and really happy to see that the crowd started to sing along with the chorus after the first time hearing it.That’s always a good sign!”

Earlier this year there was a collaboration with fellow Spinnin’ artist Janieck, and we can only hope to look forward to more releases to come. Listen to Deepend’s epic return to Spinning Records ‘Could Be Love’ below: