Skrillex is Reportedly Helping Rihanna Produce Her New Album


In the last couple hours, we’ve heard some promising news regarding new music from DJ/Producer Skrillex. First, Yultron posted a tweet confirming new music from Skrillex would “change the game”. Second, The Rolling Stone reported that the DJ/Producer is helping produce Rihanna‘s new dancehall record. Unexpected for sure, but in the past, Skrillex has worked with Diplo and Damian Marley on similar projects.

“[Rihanna’s team] have, no lie, 500 records for this project [from] different producers and writers,” says Anonymous dancehall producer

Rihanna is said to be working on two albums, one pop record and a dancehall record. Additionally, it’s reported that Rihanna has over 500 tracks ready for her new dancehall album! An anonymous dancehall producer says they can only pick 10 tracks for the finished album. The dancehall album is supposedly being crafted to explore her Caribbean roots.

No word about release dates for the albums has been released, but we can’t wait to hear what the pair have put together! Read the full Rolling Stone article here, and get ready for some well-awaited Skrillex music.