Porter Robinson Celebrates His Birthday By Recognizing His Favorite Artists

Porter Robinson Fillmore Auditorium - Denver

Porter Robinson is quite truly the gift that keeps on giving. His last release, ‘Worlds‘, arrived in 2014, and since then (besides a joint project called Shelter‘ with Madeon) it was a quiet few years since we heard from the producer.

All of that changed in November of 2017, when Robinson teased hints and singles from his new moniker, Virtual Self. The first tracks revealed called ‘Eon Break‘ and ‘Ghost Voices‘ both have obvious traces of inspiration from the gaming world. Despite being two entirely different sounds, they were sent out into the world with vague, mystical messages about artificial intelligence and spirituality, fans were left confused, but all the more intrigued.

Whether you love it or don’t get it, Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self alter-ego is one of the most exciting things in electronic music today.

Yesterday, on Sunday, July 15th, the producer celebrated his 26th birthday. As a present to his fans and his favourite artists, Porter shared a Twitter thread of some other artist’s music that he thinks “deserves some additional love and attention”.

Of course, being Porter, he deflected all the attention away from himself to celebrate some deserving people. He went far out of his way to give credit to artists who inspire him, regardless of their reach or popularity. Check out the full thread of tweets below:

Happy 26th birthday, Porter! Thank you for gifting your fans with the true beauty of new music to check out.