Nick Catchdubs – All Night feat. Mattie Safer (ZOI Remix)

Nick Catchdubs continues to recruit friends and producers for remixes of his house hit, “All Night“. The remix is the latest flip from Fool’s Gold, as both Trippy Turtle and Japanese producer Masayoshi Iimori have both given their versions of the New York based DJ’s song. 

ZOI brings a dense and chunky house cut of “All Night” as the track now carries a more hard-hitting vibe. Locking in on heavy percussions and slapping synths, the producer spotlights Mattie Safer’s glitchy vocals. As Zoi takes big bass sounds into a dark soundscape, we can’t wait to hear what other remixes are in the works.

Nick Catchdubs – All Night feat. Mattie Safer (ZOI Remix)

Stay tuned for more and be sure to groove with Nick Catchdubs during his set at Fool’s Gold Day Off in NY August 11th. Tickets here.