[ Interview ] MaRLo Discusses Tomorrowland and New Reaching Altitude Label

Dutch DJ MaRLo has been dominating the scene with his signature blend of trance, techno and house. Now, he’s lives in Australia where he is known as the #1 Trance DJ and #2 overall DJ. Already having remixed tracks by Armin Van Buuren, W&W, Ferry Corsten and Dash Berlin, he shows that his talent has no limit. He recently launched his Reaching Altitude label and we had the opportunity to chat with him about his upcoming performance at ASOT in Tomorrowland.

1You already played ASOT Ultra Miami this year and now ASOT Tomorrowland. Can you give us a bit of insight into how you craft an ASOT set as opposed to when you’re playing a more general audience?

I edit and create my own versions of every single song I play so my sets are always unique. But as far as pre-planning I don’t really do that… I kind of have a selection of tunes that I choose from though.

2Following up on that question, what do you have in store for us at Tomorrowland?

ASOT is always such an epic party, and the crowd really know the music which is why I always enjoy playing a lot of ID’s of new music from my Reaching Altitude label.You recently launched your Reaching Altitude label, so can you tell us about how it got started and how things are going so far?

The support for the label has been absolutely incredible with so many of the world’s biggest DJ’s regularly playing music from the Reaching Altitude label. I started the label because I was being sent so much amazing music by fairly unknown artists, that I just wanted to give them not only an outlet for their music, but also support them as much as I can to truly give them a platform to launch their career from.

3You said Reaching Altitude would be a platform to release your own music and showcase music you’re actively supporting. What is some of the hottest new talent you have discovered so far?

There is so much incredible talent, but if I could only choose 5… then for me right now it’s : Avao, Matrick, Alex Ender, Eric Senn and Splinta as the new names to really keep an eye out for and that I’m finding myself playing their music every set.

4There’s no doubt that Trance has been undergoing waves of changes in the last few years. Where do you see the trance sound going in 2018?

It’s going to Reach new Altitude’s hahah – look, I can’t speak for other artists or labels – but I truly believe the music coming out on Reaching Altitude IS the future of Trance music… it’s fresh, new and not afraid to try a different approach to creating that epic feeling I first fell in love with back in the day.