11 Things To Learn From Mat Zo’s Reddit AMA

Mat Zo AMA

Reddit AMAs. They are a wonderfully unique platform for actors, musicians, public figures and DJs to answer questions from their loyal fans. Recently, Grammy nominated producer¬†Mat Zo took to Reddit to give his followers a chance to literally ask him anything. From tips on how to produce music, to a new album on the way – Mat answered nearly every question before he signed off. Here’s a round up of the best advice and sneak peeks Mat Zo gave away.

1. Tips On Producing Kicks and Snares

2. Kill The Zo Has A Ton Of New Music On The Way


3. Sometimes, creating music can be a pain in the ass

4. He Wants To Create The Score Of A Video Game

5. A Virtual Self Collab Is Possible

6. He’s Working On An Album

7. Inspiration Can’t Be Forced

8. How You Can Discover New Music

9. He’s Releasing an EP on Anjunabeats Soon

10. Remember Counsel Pop’s Eclectic DnB EP? Mat Gives Us A Small Glimpse Into The Mysterious Producer’s Other Life

11. Mat Zo Is Doing Well