Zedd Speaks On The Incident That Involved Tesla Saving His Life

The topic of Tesla‘s autopilot feature has been of much controversy as of lately in the recent news. Most headlines have usually revolved around the various crashes that have been experienced while using said autopilot feature, except for this one.

Zedd, a very well known producer in the EDM community, happens to also be a Tesla owner as well and he took to his personal Twitter to share a scary incident that involved his Tesla and how it’s autopilot feature probably saved his life.

Zedd comes out to actually show support and appreciation for the dreaded Autopilot feature and he is not alone as fellow EDM producer Ghastly also chimes in on the situation.

He also elaborates on explaining how his Tesla was able to detect that he had been asleep and needed the assistance of another fellow Twitter user.

Falling asleep at the wheel is indeed always a really scary situation to find yourself in. In this case, we are glad Zedd was able to make it out well and the Tesla autopilot feature was helpful and did good rather than any of the negatives portrayed in the news lately.