[WATCH] Gareth Emery’s “We Are CVNT5” Official Series Trailer


New Gareth Emery “CVNT5” TV Show Begins June 28th

The CVNT5 are officially taking over your television screen. After years of work and many bumps in the road along the way, Gareth Emery is proud to release his short TV series “We Are CVNT5” The 8-episode pilot series will appear on go90, and is scheduled to start June 28. He premiered the expletive-laced trailer on his Facebook page, and looks to be quite funny.

The whole CVNT5 concept is a satirical take on the life of DJs and concept of ‘celebrity.’ The show appears to be a comedic look at the lifestyle – the good, the bad, and the utterly ridiculous. His partner in crime, Ashley Wallbridge, does not appear in the trailer, and fans have taken notice.

Emery has been publicizing this show since the release of his single with Wallbridge back in 2016. He has never been one to shy away from his true feelings on social media, and had this to share about the project:

His note includes the fact that there are cameos from Pete Tong, Dillon Francis, Tydi, and CaptainSparklez. As Gareth points out, “if you are one of the eight people with go90, you will love this show.” He appears to be very proud of the final product, and urges all viewers to give it a chance considering “it nearly killed him” to make.

The full trailer for the CVNT5 TV show can be viewed below on YouTube. Let’s all show Gareth some love on June 28!