Syn Cole Turns Avicii’s ‘Without You’ Into an Accoustic Splendor

A little over a month has passed, and the tributes to our beloved Avicii haven’t seemed to slow down. Signed to Avicii’s Le7els record label in 2012, DJ and Producer Syn Cole shared a sincere yet unexpected gift with us. Cole recently posted his own version of the Swede’s ‘Without You’, but with a twist.

A new take on an Electronic Banger

In a calm approach to the original, Syn Cole transforms the track into a tranquil lyrical journey. Changing all of the electronic elements to acoustic ones gives the track a breath of fresh air. It then exhales slowly for the the duration of the track. All of those happy beats are no more. What’s left in their place emits a sense of serenity as the piano plays the melody with no beat. After hearing this tribute, it’s no wonder Syn Cole caught the ear of Avicii and was later signed to his record label. The way Cole transforms an electronic banger into an acoustic piece takes raw talent and gives us a clue at what Avicii might have seen in him some six years ago.

Check the tribute out below: