Steve Darko Makes His DIRTYBIRD Debut With “Fried or Fertilized” EP

Steve Darko is a fresh name to the legendary DIRTYBIRD imprint that may very well be the next producer from the label to explode – for great reason – into the spotlight. His brand new EP “Fried or Fertilized”, released just a few days ago, fittingly represents the epitome of the bass-heavy, fun-inducing Dirtybird sound.

Darko hails from Boston and is a software developer by day, producer by night. His two-track EP features the self-titled track “Fried or Fertilized” and a second song called “Thumbs”, both of which brings a notoriously bumping bassline, funky synths and a layer of seemingly-space-age vocals that offer a guaranteed good time.

Take a listen to the EP below!

Steve Darko – Fried or Fertilized