Share Spotify Music & Soundcloud Directly to Your Instagram Story

Enjoy sharing your favorite music to friends on Instagram? In fact, who doesn’t like to share their new favorite song that’s been on repeat all day? Say goodbye to screenshotting because now you can directly share what you are listening to on your Instagram story. The Spotify app has now made it possible to directly share any song to your connected Instagram and Facebook account’s story. From there, your friends and followers can easily click on the song and listen to the whole thing on the Spotify app.

It’s easy, fast, and takes away the hassle of screenshotting each song you want to share, filling up valuable storage on your phone. Here’s a quick step by step tutorial on how to use this new sharing update. First, click on a song and have the album cover showing like the photo below. Second, tap on the three horizontal dots to the right of the song name. Next, tap “share”, and you will soon see the option of “Instagram Stories“. From here, Spotify will create a graphic that you will be able to share on your Instagram story, or by text message.

In addition to the new Spotify feature, Instagram and GoPro announced a similar feature for consumers to use. With the GoPro app, you can now easily share footage taken from your GoPro device to your Instagram story. Yes, the footage will be cropped vertically, but now you can share some crazy action footage from your GoPro adventures! Check out the video below on the endless possibilities!  We’ll see what other new features will roll out with Instagram, but for now, enjoy sharing your music to the world!

Instagram Stories with GoPro: