Parker – Lemonade

Parker Lemonade

Parker – Lemonade

A single word can convey a lot of meaning. That’s definitely something rising producer Parker recognizes as he titles all of his productions with only a single word. And speaking of, he’s just released his latest one-word creation, ‘Lemonade‘, to kick off the summer with.

“‘I created ‘Lemonade’ to give you those Happy Vibes. When you’re down, ‘Lemonade’ can pick you and make you feel happy. Love you all. Enjoy <3”

Like its namesake, the track is nothing if not a bright & sweet piece laden with some delectable melodies. And just as lemonade is representative of the summer, Parker’s ‘Lemonade’ is definitely representative of that ideal summer sound. Give the track a listen and be sure to grab your copy via Lowly Palace in the link below.

Parker – Lemonade | Download