Never Lose Your Friends At A Festival Again With New AR App

AR app lets you find your friends at EDC

“Yeah our tent is the green one with the blow-up alien attached to it, it’s in the middle dude” – said everyone at every camping festival.

If you’ve ever gotten lost looking for your tent, or mistaken your tent for someone else’s, or all of the above- fear no more. ShiftPod, the company responsible for the metallic, futuristic looking tents that will be at EDC Las Vegas this year, have teamed up with Flaregun to bring the Beacon app.

“Beacon is a new Augmented Reality technology that changes the way you visually find people, places and things by looking through the camera of your smart phone. Now even in the craziest places you can find your way around.”

EDC LV Camping App

With augmented reality, you can locate your Shiftpod by entering a number, share your current location with friends, and save locations- like meet up spots by the taco stand – for later. You’re even able to create a virtual totem, making it easy for you and your friends to spot each other in the crowd. Best part of it all? No internet connection necessary.

If you’re going to EDC LV this weekend, download the app here and let us know how it works!