Eric Prydz Announces 4 Track Pryda EP

There is almost nothing better than new Eric Prydz music. The engimatic producer releases music on nobody’s schedule but his own, so you never know if you’ll get 1 track in a year or 4 EPs and an album. In fact, Eric Prydz had promised an entire Pryda album for 2017. For those unfamiliar, Pryda is Eric’s progressive house alias, but is less anthemic than his Eric Prydz material. The last Pryda release was ‘Stay With Me‘ that was released about 5 months ago. Now we’re finally getting some new material.

With a simple Facebook post, we know that Eric will be releasing a 4 track Pryda EP “soon”. While “soon” in Prydz speak can sometimes mean years, we suspect that a Facebook post with cover art means this release will hit within the month. With Eric about to hit the European Summer Festival circuit and debut his new HOLO show, this gives us a lot more to be excited about.

Eric’s dedicated Reddit community is busy speculating on the potential tracks, so head on over and check it out for yourself. While you’re at it, you can listen to Pryda’s last release ‘Stay With Me’ below.

New Pryda 4 track EP incoming! What are you hoping for? from r/ericprydz