EDC Vegas 2018 Pulls in Nearly 138K People with Only 29 Arrests

EDC Las Vegas 2018 finished off day one with a bang with electrifying sets by Virtual Self, Cirez D, Alpha-9 and more. As attendees are gearing up for Day 2, we take a look at the low number of arrests made so far.

In comparison to the 137, 582 people that attended, only 29 were arrested. All of the arrests were felony narcotic charges, except one which was reported as a DUI. In addition, 32 people were thrown out for a variety of reasons and three misdemeanors were given.

This is great news for EDC Vegas, as their inaugural camping site had a few bumps when campers arrived. But this year’s version also allowed attendees to enter early and enjoy the opening ceremonies at the cosmicMEADOW. While circuitGROUNDS looked epic, the kineticFIELD made us awestruck. The kineticFIELD has a structure that guards the heart of the festival spanning 350,000 square feet and is 405-foot wide, 98-foot tall.

As day two is set to began in a few hours, those of you that aren’t there can watch the epicness unfold on the live stream.