Deadmau5’s Laptop Overheats During Snake Pit Set at Indianapolis 500

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Deadmau5 is the king of many things. Not only has he made a statement through his mouse helmet, his Nyanborghini Purracan, his famous trolling, and his Cube, but he is also famous for technical difficulties (and recoveries) during his live sets.

With Movement Detroit wrapping up this weekend, who could forget the numerous technical difficulties during his set last year as his alter-alias, Testpilot? This year however, Deadmau5 himself at the Indianapolis 500. The race has become synonymous with dance music during the past few years at the Snake Pit.

From Zedd to Diplo, The Indianapolis 500 Snake Pit has seen some major names in EDM over the years.

With traffic running smoothly and minimal waits at the ticket gates, the biggest obstacle for nearly 300,000 racing fans at the Indianapolis 500 Sunday seemingly was the oppressive heat.

The near-record-high temperature topped out at 91 degrees during the race. This year fell short by just 1 degree from the record on race day set in 1937, according to the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. Evidence of the sweltering conditions could be spotted early. Deadmau5 was definitely one of those who felt the heat.

Not long into his set, Deadmau5’s laptop overheated and shorted out, causing a delay in his set. As he always does, Deadmau5 was comical with the audience and quickly worked to fix the situation. Although the flow might’ve been killed, Mau5 quickly fixed the problem and played out a truly memorable set.