Spotify’s Rumored Smart Speaker Could Be Launching This Month

Around 2 months ago based on some of the job postings Spotify had made available, many were convinced that the world’s biggest music streaming company had plans to produce a smart speaker. If that wasn’t enough evidence to suggest so, Spotify was also noted testing its own in-house voice search feature for use with the speaker.

The company is now sending out invitations for an exclusive event to be held on the morning of April 24th in New York City. The invitation reads for invitees to “Save The Date” which could be where Spotify is to make the announcement about this new project. There is also speculation that the company will be unveiling an “In-Car Speaker” on the same date.

Both are being made to hopefully assist with driving Spotify’s revenue higher. The smart speaker would stream music and could guide users toward Spotify’s premium service priced at $9.99 a month. The in-car speaker would not only require a one year commitment but it reportedly would be priced at $12.99 a month including equipment and streaming services.