Roy Orion & Versus – Do Dat Thang

Do Dat Thang Roy Orion And Versus

Roy Orion & Versus – Do Dat Thang

Roy Orion & Versus may not be on your radar yet. But don’t be surprised if they are on your list of must-see artists by the end of the year. Both Southern California based producers have been dabbling in music for years. After meeting in Hyperbit‘s production masterclass in 2016, Roy Killgore and Vin Smith have been working together for nearly two years. And their hard work is paying off, demonstrated clearly in their new tune ‘Do Dat Thang,” out now on Feenixpawl‘s Eclypse Records.

Already gaining support from superstars like Fedde Le Grand, this new tune is definitely a track to get the party moving. The vocal sample urges the listener to “do dat thang” while the electro synth progression creates a sense of urgency and movement. The breakdown in the track gives the dance floor only a slight reprieve before building back into a heavy electro house drop. If ‘Do Dat Thang’ is any indication of things to come, Versus and Roy Orion are onto something big. According to Versus,

“‘Do Dat Thang’ is the first of some big releases to come together this year”.

Give ‘Do Dat Thing’ a listen in the SoundCloud link below. Let us know what you think about the intriguing style behind Roy Orion and Versus’s newest production. And if you like it be sure to check out their social media for updates on new tracks and bookings!