EDMTunes Chats With LVNDSCAPE [Interview]

LVNDSCAPE @ Spinnin’ Sessions via Instagram

Welcome back to Miami, what are you most looking forward to this week?

First of all, the weather – it’s the best thing. Meeting a lot of new people, doing some shows going to Ultra on Saturday. Just the whole Miami vibe, it’s an insane week.

How did LVNDSCAPE start?

LVNDSCAPE started in 2015, with a bootleg of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Rudimental.’ That went quite well, got a lot of responses. At first  I was a DJ under another alias for years, but I wanted to do a different sound so I started with LVNDSCAPE. Then Spinnin’ showed some interest, and that was three years ago.

You’ve worked with Sander Van Doorn before, can you tell us a little about the process of collaborating with someone?

With Sander, we picked a classic track that we both loved. We both made a version then sent it to each other and then Skyped and tried to make a perfect mix between both our ID’s.

The first track I will release is also a collaboration, it’s a way to try other sounds. I play very tropical house music, and you want to evolve a bit to try another sound, it’s nice to collaborate with someone who has another sort of music.

What’s one genre of music you would dabble in?

Very poppy things, a lot of radio tracks – pop sound is so wide but I want to stick to the 125 bpm.

What is one festival you want to play at?


Favorite food on tour?

I always try to be healthy, I like fitness and soccer. But I love burgers!