Rumors Point to Tomorrowland Winter Festival Announcement

Over the past few days Tomorrowland has been publishing some odd teaser videos. These cryptic videos are even more cryptic than Tomorrowland is usually known for being. The videos have no titles and provide no information at all. At first many suspected they were leading up to the Tomorrowland 2018 Planaxis back story. At first glance the videos seem to show an underwater world within the globe. However, new rumors point to an impending announcement of a Tomorrowland Winter festival.

A French Ski resort Alpe d’ Huez is currently seeking ambassadors for a Tomorrowland event. The website describes the plan as thus:

A unique combination: the experience of Tomorrowland festival and the opportunity to ski in the most beautiful ski resort of Europe. An integral fusion between music, ski and nature. 

The website indicates that the Tomorrowland Winter will take place in 2019 in March, from 9 to 16, after the school holidays. The concerts would be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Visitors would be welcome to choose between a 4 or 7 day ski pass. We have a feeling the festival might actually take place over the typical Fri-Sunday timeframe.

To add to the mystique, has been registered with an official Tomorrowland contact email. The official Tomorrowland website began redirecting yesterday to a site called, and today it is It appears this is a countdown, and the countdown ends on….March 12. It sounds an awful lot like Tomorrowland is preparing to announce an epic winter festival.