Spring Awakening & Lollapalooza Battle It Out in Hilarious Meme War

Two of the biggest Chicago based festivals of the summer got into an epic, and completely random meme battle this week. Spring Awakening and Lollapalooza both decided to have a little fun with one another online. Although it was short lived, it was both hilarious and entertaining. It all started when Spring Awakening randomly decided to take a shot at fellow Chicago festival, Lollapalooza. The original meme that started it all compares the two using one of this year’s popular memes, The Krusty Krab vs. Chum Bucket from Spongebob Squarepants. In this case, Spring Awakening made themselves the more dominant ‘The Krusty Krab’, and designated Lollapalooza as the The Chum Bucket.

Lollapalooza quickly clapped back with a meme of their own, essentially putting Spring Awakening in its place. Yes, Spring Awakening has a phenomenal lineup focused solely on EDM, but the festivals are hardly comparable. Considering Lollapalooza has a lineup filled with the biggest names in music from pretty much every genre, it really doesn’t make much sense for Spring Awakening to even start. Sure, they’re in the same city, but they don’t even take place at the same time of summer, so it’s not like they’re competing for attendees. Regardless, it was a funny little spat between the two festivals and we’ll leave it at that.

Spring Awakening goes down June 8th-10th, and you can get your tickets here. Or, you can get your Lollapalooza tickets for August 2nd-5th, here. Actually, realistically you could go to both. No fighting, all love.