Mokai Wins Appeal & Will Reopen After Horse Stunt

Last week the club world was rocked by the crazy story of Mokai Nightclub in Miami Beach that thought it was a good idea to feature a live horse on the dancefloor. The outcry was immediate and it was loud, terminating Mokai’s business license and forcing its closure.

It appears the reaction may have been an overreach. Mokai appealed the termination of its business license and it won the appeal. Mokai’s owners admitted to 5 code violations from the stunt and agreed to pay the city $12,500 in fines. The club will also donate $10,000 to Peaceful Ridge Rescue for Horses. Miami Beach will restore Mokai’s business license, but the club will be permanently shuttered if it ever uses animals again. Mokai will re-open on Wednesday, just in time for Miami Music Week.