Daylight – HEYZ ft. darkDark

Daylight Heyz ft darkdark

Mike Hayes has been doing anything but sleeping. One of the newest additions to Deadmau5’s infamous Mau5trap label, HEYZ is on his way straight to the top. After two incredible singles and an astonishing breakout debut EP, he is back with his newest single, ‘Daylight’. Featuring the ethereal vocals of female vocalist darkDark, Mike’s newest creation diverges from the darker aspects of his Schedule 1 EP while retaining that special quality unique to HEYZ productions.

Like in his previous tracks, HEYZ focuses on progression throughout the entire song. Each melody eases into the next with the natural flow signature to the techno prodigy’s creations. And although ‘Daylight’ is a much lighter twist on HEYZ’s sound it retains the precise sound engineering and attention to detail in his darker, techier tracks.

darkDark’s vocals also play a highlighted role in this new masterpiece. While ‘Only Now’ uses a female vocal sample, it is very limited compared to the story being told through the lyrics in ‘Daylight’. The musicality of the vocals lends to the track’s lighter tone while the focus on the narrator who is “still looking for the sun” tugs the listener towards a darker, more forlorn headspace.

You can listen to ‘Daylight’ featuring the vocals of darkDark in the link below and let us know what you think. With ‘Daylight’ breaking the mold of his official releases, Mike Hayes has shown the world he has a diverse and interesting path forward in his music. After a series of impressive releases coupled with an incredible B2B performance with Electrocado during Miami Music Week, HEYZ is undoubtedly one of the biggest names to watch in the electronic music world.