Mysterious Soundcloud Upload Triggers Daft Punk Hype

This white whale might be even more far fetched than the daily Swedish House Mafia rumors, or is it? Doesn’t it seem a bit too convenient that so many sources (all of whom probably know who the real special guest is) are “leaking” that it’s gonna be SHM. That is not exactly “expect the unexpected”. Imagine how broken the internet would be if it really does turn out to be Daft Punk that closes Ultra 20.

Now that we’ve got your attention, there is some hype building on the Daft Punk subreddit that is worth mentioning. A mysterious Soundcloud upload was labeled as an “unconfirmed leak”.

Many commenters were quick to declare it as a complete fake, and we’ve certainly suffered through plenty of those. The username is obviously a burner, but its called User19972001200420132019. It’s a bit on the nose, but this could stand for album releases (although 2004 is off)? While many reactions were negative, some commenters found legitimate evidence that this could be the real thing.

Basically, the mods of the Daft Punk subreddit are somewhat aware of the “leak” source and have found that it could be reputable. There is a tale of a previous “leak” of ‘Overnight’ which followed the same pattern prior to release.

Comment from discussion x.

Could this be Daft Punk dropping a hint for their biggest fans? Even if this is a fake, aren’t you glad to speculate about something besides Swedish House Mafia? Check out the full discussion below.

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