Carnage Has A Meltdown When Denied Stage Access During Swedish House Mafia Ultra Set


Carnage is no stranger to throwing tantrums in order to get what he wants. During last night’s now famous moment when Swedish House Mafia made their highly anticipated return, the Chipotle-Gang leader was treated like one of us and was denied access to SHM.

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival welcomes crowds of over 65,000+ people. Among the attendees, you will find all types of people. You’ll find the average music enthusiast, the celebrity partygoer and the occasional DJ roaming through the dynamic atmosphere.

During this year’s 20th anniversary addition, everyone wanted to be apart of the magic  during SHM’s set. Among the millions of fans, Carnage wanted nothing more than to jump on the stage to join in the iconic celebration…

However, the Guatemalan-American producer was quickly denied access to the backstage area, resulting in immediate tears.

Even though he couldn’t physically be on stage, he witnessed the magic radiate through the air as they played their most iconic set to date.

Let’s be real, Carnage was all of us during their performance. Tears were shed and memories were made for years to come.