Vancouver based duo The Funk Hunters, comprised of Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith, have just unleashed their debut LP entitled Typecast. The 11-song body of work is a grooving mix of old school funk, soul, disco and hip-hop with a modern house-y electronic twist.

The Funk Hunters have made quite a name for themselves in the Canadian electronic music scene over the last nine years since their formation. The duo has performed at British Columbia’s Shambhala Music Festival since 2011, inching their way up the lineup year by year. Middleton and Smith have frequently collaborated with Chicago based rapper Chali 2na, who has played a significant role in developing their hip-hop influenced sound, although he is absent from this release. The duo also signed onto GRiZ’s All Good Records in 2016, and earned a spot Big Gigantic’s remix album with their smashing remix of “Got the Love” in 2017. With their momentum building steadily year after year, it was about time they released a seminal body of work encapsulating their entire sound.

Typecast explores bits and pieces of all the different production styles that The Funk Hunters have employed throughout their career. The lead single and opening track, “Hands Up (Raise Your Fist)” featuring Leo Napier instantly kicks off with a booming house beat, backed by Napier’s inspiring vocal chops. Other highlights from the album include the other three previously released singles, the Daft Punk influenced “Party Rockin’,” “Turn Down the Silence” featuring DiRTY RADiO, and “Say Something” featuring Liinks. You’ll also want to give a close listen to “Ready to Go” featuring Dynamite MC.

Overall, Typecast explores an immensely wide spectrum of genres, toying around with everything from hip-hop to house music. Give this one a listen from start to finish and allow yourself to be the judge. From our account, The Funk Hunters are a duo you should be keeping an eye on following this release.