One of the Fantastic Voyage’s own Benny Bridges brings you his debut EP ‘New Places’ out now via the band’s imprint. He has been a long-time friend of Justin Jay as well as his guitarist in most of their crew performances, but Benny has been holding on it some fantastic music of his own. 

Here’s what Benny has to say about his inspirations making the EP:

I wrote the majority of this EP in a relatively short time as I had finished up college and started to experience life in the “real world”. There was so much change happening at once that I needed to find a way to express everything that I was feeling. As we all do, I had been grappling with a lot identity issues since college and discovering who I was as an artist. This EP came together very naturally as a representation of that period in my life as well as an exploration of my artistic identity.”

This four-track EP is a journey through some diverse tunes that illustrates what Benny is capable of. The first track is the title of the EP, New Places. The track brings you a fun and upbeat energy; it features vocals from the man himself and you can really hear his musical prowess come out through it. The second track, Are You Okay, is more of the funk house style; it’s a refreshing beat that makes you want to get moving. The third track, Better Soon with Sam Von Horn, changes the pace of the EP with a more easygoing nature to it.

Stream Benny Bridge’s New Places below and keep up with him on Soundcloud.

Benny Bridges – New Places EP