Watch Martin Garrix Close the 2018 Winter Olympics [FULL VIDEO]

EDM has always hit a bit of a snag when it comes to monster scale promotional performances like at The Grammys or televised performances. Half of the excitement of a DJ set is the energy of the crowd all moving in unison to the music, and of course the excellent production as well.

With Martin GarrixOlympics closing performance, those shortcomings are very visible. The mini-mix style set was almost more like exit music, as people stream out of the stadium during the performance. Sure the production is epic and Martin is having the time of his life, but beyond that the experience is pretty awkward. There’s a few isolated circles of people having a good time, but generally the crowd is just idly walking around.

Regardless of the awkwardness of the spectacle, Garrix certainly has plenty to be proud of. Check out the full video below of what went down.