Another year has gone by which means another Valentine’s Day without a date for me, but surprisingly this is not the case for one of our beloved DJs. This weekend at Redfest, Marshmello finally met somebody (or something). During an interview with 104.4 Radio, the interviewer brought out an unlikely guest that seemed to immediately spark Mello’s interest.

The surprise guest was none other than…Marshmello. It did not seem like love at first sight for the two though, as she seemed a bit shy when Mello approached her for a hug. But all jitters seemed to have drifted after they took a live compatibility test which proved they were 90% compatible. The only thing the two didn’t have in common is their opinion on cats. You can check out the full compatibility test below. Hopefully Marshmello can transfer his feelings and emotions gained from his new found love into producing new music.