Steve Angello Teases New Album Human on Instagram

He is risen! If Steve Angello’s latest Instagram story is any indication, then it is finally time to get excited for what is sure to be another landmark effort from the Swedish titan. The 35-year-old recently took to the social media platform to play some snippets of his first major body of work since 2014’s Wild Youth.

Angello’s teaser points towards the release of his second studio album, Human, and from what we can hear, this album doesn’t hold anything back. The latest Instagram story reveals an expressive announcement of every new track we can hope to hear on the Swede’s sophomore solo effort. Following his audacious 13-track debut, Wild Youth, Human promises to deliver yet another chapter in the famed producer’s storybook career.

This announcement will hopefully quench the thirst of fans who have been eagerly awaiting any sign of progress since last year’s succession of singles. The six total tracks from Genesis, Inferno, and Paradiso were indeed welcome surprises, but now there is a juicy main course to fixate our collective attention towards. While a definitive release date has yet to be determined, one thing is now clear: we are within striking distance.