DISKORD – Want U (Remixes)


DISKORD – Want U (Remixes)

UK bass duo DISKORD ended last year strong with the release of their first full EP, Ceasefire, on Circus Records. With that five track EP they took listeners through a bass journey starting with their standout track, ‘Want U‘. And naturally such a standout track would attract a number of remixes. So DISKORD decided to hold a remix competition to find the best of the best. And now they are officially releasing a huge 7 track remix package of the best remixes you could ask for.

“We love discovering new artists and talent. Almost every studio session starts with us scrolling down our Soundcloud feed listening to new producers. We thought running a remix completion would be a great way to bring these new artists directly to us. We had literally hundreds of entries and were totally blown away by the quality that was submitted. Choosing the winners was an absolute nightmare but we discovered some absolute bangers and had to get them on the release!!”

And just like their last EP, this remix package showcases all of the diverse facets of bass music. From Duke & Jones and Fransis Derelle’s flair, to Khaos and Orkid’s trap horns, to KTRL and Sobek’s bassy breaks, to Effin’s heavy drops, each remix brings something new and different to the table. And between those seven, you’re bound to find at least one remix that you absolutely love. So give these seven killer remixes a listen below and let us know which of them was your favorite.

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