Dillon Francis Leaves Snapchat After Atrocious Update

dillon francis

Dillon Francis has left the world of Snapchat to take his talents to Instagram. Yes, you read that correctly, the man behind the creative Snap Stories and ingenious movie-like clips has decided the new update was no good for him. And he’s definitely not the only one. Many other Snapchat users feel this way as well and have started a petition to get the App to go back to it’s pre-update setup.

“Not really feeling this update so I’m going to be moving my stuff to Instagram and Instagram Stories. If anything changes I’ll be back, but for now you can catch me over there and I’ll hopefully see ya. Alright, it’s been fun. We had a good run.”

You always have to wonder who is in charge of these ideas for updates, as some are so bad for some very popular apps. Many other users with large followings are also leaving Snap after this update. And unless the app fixes it’s mistake quickly, they may lose a lot more.

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