Borgore Is Gearing Up To Unleash The First Of Five New Collaborations

Asaf Borger, also known as Borgore, has given his all to become one of the most well-known producers in the world of electronic dance music.

With catchy releases such as ‘Coco Puffs‘, ‘Salad Dressing‘, ‘Daddy‘, ‘Wild Out‘, ‘Squad‘, ‘Magic Trick‘, just to name a few, the Israeli DJ has been dominating the charts during the past few years now. Nothing seems to be standing in his way for him to continue his impressive streak of hits in the future of his career.

Tackling the challenge of sustaining his chart-topping track releases, the talented singer-songwriter has recently teased that he will be dropping the first of five new collaborations on his very own label this Friday.

That’s right, this is not a drill: Buygore is about to hit the world with some truly incredible fresh tunes. Fans are beyond excited to find out whom the musician has teamed up with this time around. The end of the week can’t come fast enough. Everyone’s curiosity is working in full gear in anticipation of knowing what’s to come next…

Check out Borgore’s official announcement below:

This Friday 🤘🏼 the first of 5 of my collab tracks on @buygore

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