Billy Kenny Talks CRSSD, This Ain’t Bristol, And Future Endeavors

Innovative. Energetic. Wild. Driven. Refreshing. These are all words that come to mind when Billy Kenny does pretty much anything. The UK born DJ/producer has made quite a name for himself since he started releasing singles in 2012. Kenny has made music for an impressive number of labels (including his co-owned imprint This Ain’t Bristol), toured all over the world, and has big plans for the future. We got a chance to chat with Billy ahead of his next tour date at CRSSD this weekend.

How has it been since you made the move to LA? 

Amazing! I love the people here, the weather, my new home, and friends. It’s made such a positive impact on my life and I’m very grateful for it!

Your co-owned label has been a stage host and/or done showcases at several festivals the past year. What is the next festival you’d love to see This Ain’t Bristol host a stage at? 

Yes, so far we’ve done a few in Europe and have just recently done a few in the US including Nocturnal Wonderland, Dirtybird Campout East, Groove Cruise and more. We’ve got a CRSSD Festival afterparty coming up next week and Electric Forest stage takeover in a couple of months which we’re all really excited for. Sky’s the limit, we want to be at them all! I’d personally love us to do a takeover at LIB or Canada’s Shambhala off the top of my head.

Speaking of CRSSD, it’s coming up this weekend and This Ain’t Bristol is hosting a sold-out after party. What are some things fans can expect? Any surprises in store? 

That’s right, we’re at Music Box Sunday and it’s our One Night In concept whereby we don’t announce the lineup. We did one in LA last year and that sold out too! I can’t say anything about the lineup, but I’ll be there and we have artists from three different countries popping in to surprise everyone!
Could you possibly see TAB hosting a boutique festival like Dirtybird one day? 
Stay tuned! 😉

You are known and loved for your versatile house/techno music. But if you could, what is a genre you’d like to experiment with or explore more? 

I’ve been loving the new deep tech breed of sounds at the moment! Always been a fan of people like Stephan Bodzin, Adriatique and all of the Dynamic crew in Germany but there are so many new names popping up for me in that area that I’m really into. 

Your fan base is a dedicated one. What are some of the ways you connect with them? 

Yeah, people tell me that and it’s really awesome to see! I love reading and replying to as many funny, heartfelt, entertaining messages and comments as I can. I never really used Twitter until a couple of years ago but I find that’s such an easy way to connect with loads of people, quickly. So Twitter would be my go to, but I’m always meeting with people before and after shows to hang out whenever I’m able to. Then, of course, there’s the notorious partying after my sets in the crowd at festivals. People are so shocked when I’m dancing next to them right after my set, haha!

As of right now, you seem to have busy 2018 ahead- what are you looking forward to the most?

So many things! To be honest, the majority I’m not allowed to mention yet, but some announced things would include CRSSD festival this weekend. I got my set time last week and it’s a good one! I’m heading to Europe next month to play a string of shows there, I’ve missed Europe! Keen for my debut at Bonnaroo too! I’m also heading to one of my favorite clubs again in Johannesburg. The club is called Truth and it’s a huge old snake pit but it has one of my favorite crowds

What is a must-have essential while you’re touring? 

Cigarettes, phone, Zelda on my Nintendo Switch.

If there’s one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be? 

More LOVE!
Be sure to catch Billy Kenny in San Diego this weekend at CRSSD and the This Ain’t Bristol after party. We are sure that it’ll be a distinct highlight of the festival and a precursor for what is to come the rest of 2018.