Apple To Upgrade Airpods With 2 New Models


In 2016, Apple had finally came up with a wireless version of the widely used Earpods, with the ability to seamlessly connect to Apple devices with the Built in W chip. The Airpods also offered the ability to use them with non-Apple devices via standard Bluetooth connectivity. The new accessory provided many of the same features the Earpods did including audio quality. Apple always looking to improve their products, has now announced that it has  plans to improve the Airpods with not one but two models.

Planned for a possible 2018 release, the first model consists of an improved version of the W chip, possibly the Current W2 (Currently in recent Apple Watches) or a future W3 version. Another new addition would be the added function of being able to activate Siri by voice rather than by tapping on the Airpod in your ear.

Same as on current Apple devices, A simple, “Hey Siri” voice command would activate Siri on the new model of the Airpods.

With the Airpods doing pretty well as of lately, placing them on an similar update cycle as other Apple devices makes perfect sense. That being said, the 2018 model Airpods successor would add a new water resistance level that would protect against minimal splashes of water and rain.

This model would be slated for a planned release in 2019.