Yves V and Florian Picasso- ‘Here With You’ [PREMIERE]

Yves V Florian Picasso Here With You

Yves V and Florian Picasso Kick Off 2018 With A Banger

Yves V is a well known name in the electronic music industry. Placing in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll four years in a row is no accident. Yves V’s big room house sound is continuing to capture huge audiences around the world. Perhaps less well known is his newest collaborator, Florian Picasso. Adopted by the family of Pablo Picasso, Florian is “synonymous with a high-octane style of EDM.” And although his artistic medium isn’t visual art, Florian sports the same drive for perfection as his great-grandfather. These two powerhouse producers have teamed up for their first release of 2018. Out Friday January 19th on KSHMR‘s Dharma Worldwide, ‘Here With You‘ is an upbeat, catchy jam you’re sure to catch on the dance floor.

The song is a back and forth of emotions between two people. Even though they “don’t know really what to do,” one thing is certain. Everything will be ok “as long as I am here with you”. Although soft piano chords highlight the vocal breakdowns, the track drops into a dance anthem. The big room synths create an intense positive atmosphere filled with euphoria. And underneath it all is a driving kick commanding the fans to move their feet. There is no doubt that ‘Here With You’ will be making its way around the dance music scene all year.

If you want to hear this song live you’re in luck! According to Yves V he’ll be playing this tune in his sets “well into the summer.” Florian will also certainly be bringing the “catchy, uplifting, and mystic” sounds of ‘Here With You’ to his sets as well. You can listen below to the track a day early! Let us know what you think about ‘Here With You’ by leaving a comment!