Waiting For Winter – Gabriel & Dresden ((Talla 2XLC Uplifting Rework)

German trance producer Talla 2XLC has given a new flavor to one of Gabriel & Dresden‘s newest tracks. The American duo released their first album in eleven years and there has been a buzz ever since. Now fans of The Only Road will be able to enjoy one of its songs with a new high energy twist. The Talla 2XLC uplifting rework of “Waiting For Winter” featuring Jan Burton gives the track a fast paced feel that is perfect for the dance floor.

While the original “Waiting for Winter” holds its own, this rework takes it to a new level. Like any good uplifting track, Talla’s rework breaks down for the heartfelt chorus. As the energy builds back up, a progression of synth chords brings the listener to an elevated emotional state, heightening the significance of the lyrics. The airy melodies not only drive the song forward but also make it impossible to feel negative.

Expect to hear this in Talla and Gabriel & Dresden sets for a while! Listen to the SoundCloud edit of Talla’s remix of Gabriel and Dresden below. Which do you think is better, the original or the uplifting remix?