Ookay has Confirmed the Track List for his Forthcoming Album

Back in the summer of 2017, it was reported that Ookay was working on a new album that he described as “everything” and “wowie wowie”. After his recent post on Snapchat, fans are absolutely losing their minds as he has officially confirmed the soon-to-be legendary track list for his upcoming new album!

As many of you know, the American producer is best recognized for his 2016 chart-topping tune ‘Thief‘. In the two years since, his touring experiences have multiplied. That said, the talented DJ has been gaining well-deserved recognition for his live mixing skills, and along with that an impressive fan base. Today, the ‘Lighthouse‘ musician has confirmed what many have been anticipating.

A stacked 11 songs are to be expected, leaving fans in complete awe and eagerness. Mixed reactions have been circulating online regarding which song will be the most hype. Some believe that ‘Feel Alrite‘ and ‘Fight 4 U‘ will be the fan-favorite, although only the future can tell which track will come out on top. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and predictions for how this album will turn out. Check out the official album track list below:

Track list