Martin Garrix Has at Least Two Unreleased Tracks with Justin Bieber

Martin Garrix Justin Bieber

One of the biggest stories last year was when Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber toured Australia together. For real? The biggest star in EDM teaming up with the biggest star in pop, all in one tour?! It was more than many fans could handle in the land down under.

During that time, almost everyone assumed that some tracks were in production. Rumors speculated. Then it was confirmed. This detail went unnoticed by many fans, simply because it was during an interview at a festival. The Martin Garrix Hub, your one-stop source for all things Garrix, helped straighten things out about the release schedules of these tracks, stating that they probably aren’t going to happen.

In an interview last year, Garrix confirmed the existence of the collaborations, but said, “We have lots of ideas but if we want to release one, we want it to be 200%. On a scale of 1-10, we think it’s 7-8. We want to release something which is 10 otherwise we won’t release it.”

Safe to say that we won’t be hearing these tracks any time soon. Of course, we’re still waiting for “Rewind Repeat It” with Ed Sheeran to drop. Come to think of it, who knows how many other collaborations and unfinished ideas Martin has laying around.

All we can really do now is be patient and wait until the next single is ready to drop.