Chipotle Draws Laughs as It Brutally Roasts Marshmello on Twitter

While the “In & Out vs. Shake Shack” debate may go on forever, both the East Coast and the West Coast have to agree that Chipotle has no competition. But one thing that some customers may have had to learn the hard way about Chipotle is that guacamole comes with an extra fee. Often times, the extra $2.00 fee for guacamole is our biggest financial decision of the day and I guess this is the case even if you rack up $21 million a year. Marshmello, who came in at the eighth spot of Forbes 2017 Top 10 Highest Paid DJs list, decided to poke fun at Chipotle for their guacamole fee on Twitter.

In a tweet at Chipotle, Marshmello stated that he is “dreaming of the day when guac is no longer extra at chipotle.” This quickly led to a response by Chipotle tweeting back “dreaming of the day we find out if Marshmello really is also Dotcom.” At least we now know whoever’s in charge of Chipotle’s Twitter, also keeps up with his EDM. At the end of the day though, we can all agree on one thing, although guac is a bit extra, it is without a doubt ALWAYS worth it. Check out the Twitter exchange below.