Jono and Tony of Above & Beyond Speak on Documentary

After a year of incredible and sensational shows, Above & Beyond is ready to take their upcoming Abramorama documentary, Above & Beyond Acoustic: Giving Up The Day Job, for a tour around the world.

The documentary follows the careers of the British trio from the early days, right up to their recent performances, including performances at the Royal Albert Hall, the Sydney Opera House and the Hollywood Bowl. It also follows the group in their decision to leave the DJ booth, and instead, release acoustic albums. When they left the electronic music world behind in 2016, they changed the world with their 34-piece orchestra performances. The film is produced by Lundi Shackleton, Adam Booth and Ned Doyle. Executive producers include the trio along with James Grant, Steve Heaver, Steve Jamison, Mike Brett, Sheira Rees-Davies and Alex Kaplan.

In a recent interview on, Jono Grant and Tony McGuinness of Above & Beyond speak about their documentary. McGuinness reveals that it actually took the group a long time to convince themselves that they were actually able to perform acoustically. He also explains the decision behind re-creating their own songs into acoustic versions, instead of creating entirely new tracks. The idea of turning their traditional songs into acoustic songs was a beautiful decision. Quite honestly, one of them will probably end up being my wedding song some day.

Watch the interview below and see how passionate both of these artists really are about their decision to go acoustic:

Hopefully you can catch the film in theaters when it comes to your city!