Festival Contractor Caught With Tons Of Drugs

Bad news usually travels fast, especially in the case of two Australian men traveling to the Rainbow Serpent Festival. The festival starts next Tuesday, January 25th but they will not be attending because on their way they were pulled over at a gas station and arrested for drug possession. In their car was a plethora of substances, 260 grams of Cocaine, 15 grams of MDMA, 25 Grams of Amphetamine, 1 liter of GHB and 4 grams of Hashish. Also on them was tons of Australian and US Dollars.

Quite the find by any country’s standards, it is not clear yet how they were tracked down or if the cops were tipped off, but after being arrested one of the men told police he was contracted to work at the Rainbow Serpent Festival as his company Psyclone Tents would be doing business there.

Rainbow Serpent organizers said in a statement: “The Rainbow team works incredibly hard to keep our patrons safe and to have a legitimate voice in the community around drug law reform and harm minimization.”

Drug use may be rampant by people attending raves and festivals but most event organizers know it makes them look bad when the employees working the events also partake in the use. The men’s names were not provided, but regardless they are probably looking at a good amount of jail time.