A Brand New Techno Festival Will Take Place in Military Barracks

Objekt 5001 Festival

There are few things in this world that go better than peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies, bacon and eggs, Carnage and crappy music… But what goes better than techno and Germany? Nothing. The pair is timeless.

Berliners’ undying affection for techno comes on par with a fondness for tangible memories of the German Democratic Republican (GDR) past, which is why the creators of 5001 Festival merged the two into an event that will undoubtedly become the rave highlight of your summer.

This brand new techno event will run on August 17th, 18th and 19th of this year. While there were rumours that it was going to take place at a long-abandoned nuclear bunker north of Berlin, the organizers confirmed this to be untrue.

“There will be no party inside the bunker. The festival takes place at Objekt 5001, the military barracks complex built to protect and conceal the bunker. Unfortunately, the bunker itself is still sealed and inaccessible at the moment.”

The festival will actually take place in the abandoned barracks area that was used to camouflage and protect the bunker. It was used as the main headquarters of the National Defense Council (NVR) of the GDR. In the event of an (atomic) attack, the NVR, chaired by Erich Honecker, would have assumed the political, economic and military leadership of the state from here.

There is definitely some pretty cool history behind it, as the bunker was built between 1978 and 1983.

While not in the bunker itself, the line-up is far from disappointing. Although there are only 12 out of 32 acts announced so far, the festival features performances from AcierateFrançois XRachel LynShlømoStephanie SykesTham, Tom Talenberg, and many more.

Because nothing says “techno” like an East German military site. You can learn more about the festival and purchase tickets here.