Ecstasy is pretty well known about in the dance music community. But what about ecstasy art? This is a new trend started by an artist named Chemical X.

He is creating sculptures and art pieces out of ecstasy pills. No not real pills, for you guys wondering, but little fake imitators. One of his pieces is made out of 7,000 of the ecstasy pills and was worth $1.3 million dollars.  Most of his pieces are not expensive but you wouldn’t believe what people around the world are willing to pay for “art”. He even has an official store here where you can customize your own stuff. Chemical X once held an art show where he had one piece on display featuring more than 250,000 pills in it!

While drugs are not promoted by the dance music leaders, its use and culture that has grown from the scene’s beginnings is still celebrated today with bringing awareness to the subject and promoting safe use. This art is another way to show the unity present in dance music today.