Lawsuit Over Skrillex and Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ Dropped

Skrillex and Bieber

The lawsuit against Skrillex, BloodPop and Justin Bieber alleging that their 2015 hit ‘Sorry’ was a ripoff has been dropped.

Skrillex and Bieber released ‘Sorry’, which with a catchy melody, instantly blew up and had everyone singing along to it. ‘Sorry’ reached the ears of indie artist White Hinderland who found elements of it sounded like a song she wrote and in 2016, an infringement lawsuit against producers of the song was filed.

White Hinderland claimed that the vocals used in ‘Sorry’ were taken from her 2014 single ‘Ring The Bell’. Skrillex quickly tried to squash the claim by posting a video on Twitter explaining how he gave the vocals of ‘Sorry’ it’s unique sound using Ableton.

‘Sorry’ allegedly also copied the keyboard synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums, and percussion used in ‘Ring the Bell’. White Hinderland filed the lawsuit seeking monetary damages and for Bieber to stop performing the song. The lawsuit has now been dropped and it is possible that both parties settled out of court.

Listen to ‘Ring The Bell’ and ‘Sorry’ and let us know how similar you think the two songs sound.