Janieck interview

Fresh off the release of his latest single ‘Does It Matter’, we got a chance to ask Dutch singer-songwriter Janieck a few questions about his beginnings, the new track and his future plans. If you haven’t heard his latest single yet you may recognize him from his collaboration ‘Reality’ with Lost Frequencies, or his earlier single this year ‘Little Hollywood’. With everything coming together in 2017 for Janieck, it seemed the perfect time to ask him about his future, and get a little insight into how he makes the magic happen.

1You’ve been in show business since you were 10 with your debut in Pluk van de Petteflet, how did you get that part and how has your career evolved since then?

J – I actually got scouted by the assistant-director of a police series I was playing a
small part in. After I had the auditions and was selected for the role, my life
changed. Did a couple of movies, TV-series, after that. It was on the set of my
second movie role in ‘Crusade In Jeans’ where I bought a guitar and taught
myself to play. To kill time between takes.

2Your lyrics really stand out from usual repetitive pop songs, very expressive and telling a story. What’s your process for songwriting?

J – First I lay down a chord progression that I like, mostly with some guitar riffs.
Then, I actually start mumbling melodies which evolves in the vocal melody.
When you’re doing that you can always hear some words in that mumbling.
Sometimes even whole sentences. That is my start process. I let my emotion
speak, I can trust it. And the result is what you described. I start off telling a
story, what I experienced, or someone else. Try keeping it as pure and real
as possible.

3Do you write in multiple languages?

J – 9 out of the 10 times it’s in English, but that 1 time once in a while I write
something in my native tongue, which is Dutch.

4Who are your biggest musical influences?

J – Ah, so many, but some of them are; John Mayer, Justin Nozuka, The Kooks,
The Script.

5When you wrote ‘Does It Matter’, did you initially plan on sampling the melody from ‘Better Off Alone’?

J – I did. When I was driving I heard the classic on the radio and was like…why so little lyrics? I love the question that was asked: “Do you think you’re better off alone?” Combined with that beautiful main melody (which has this uplifting but sad contrast), made me think; there could be more told, and I loved to do the riff on guitar. That makes it really
different in my opinion.

6Starring in your own music video is obviously nothing new for an actor like you, did you have a lot of input on how you wanted the video to look?

J – Yes and no. Before shooting I had my input but once we were filming the director
took over. And he should’ve because he was great. I trusted it and just went
with it.

7The video has a lot of imagery from Freemasonry (square, compass, ashlar etc), was that a deliberate choice?

J – I know some objects were. Such as the compass, for which way you wanna go or have to go. The hourglass as in, time is ticking, the bomb is gonna go off someday. Not sure about the Freemasonry, something to think about.

8Is this single part of an upcoming album we can hope to see?

J – Not sure yet, maybe an EP, maybe I keep doing solo singles. What I can say is
that I will be releasing way more in 2018 than 2017.

9If yes, are there any collaborations you have or hope to have in the future?

J – January I got a release coming up with Deepend and I am really excited
about about it. Another collaboration is coming early 2018, but I can’t give
the name yet, gonna be awesome and will be announced soon. In the future I
would love to work with Avicii.

10Do you plan on touring any time soon?

J – We’re now in the middle of preparing everything for next year. But definitely
will be performing a lot the coming year.

11How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?

J – Like anyone else… Netflix. Love watching documentaries and/or series.

12What can your fans expect next from you? Is there a message you would like to pass on to everyone reading this?

J – I go wherever the wind takes me, and you should too:)