Eric Prydz presents his final Epic Radio episode of 2017

Eric Prydz Epic Radio

Legendary Swedish DJ and Producer Eric Prydz has been periodically releasing monstrous episodes this year of his iconic radio show, Epic Radio, on Beats 1. Prydz is known for eclectic approach towards production and DJing and has several aliases such as Cirez D and Pryda, which are known for techno and progressive tracks, respectively.

Prydz’ mixing skills are second to none and so with his final episode of the second season of Epic Radio, he brings the classic Pryda vibes opening up with a fatter progressive track and then proceeds to take the listener on a true journey through the mind of the legend himself. You can expect to be surprised by the diversity in the set list, this is definitely a mix to close out 2017.

Be sure to listen to the final episode below!