Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki and W&W Set To Play In Zero Gravity!

Zero Gravity Concert

Dance Music Becomes Weightless

Armin van BuurenSteve Aoki, and W&W rank among some of the most popular DJs in the world. Each hold their own claim to fame, especially Armin’s impressive five years as DJ Mag‘s #1 DJ. But these three titans of dance music will take a step above the rest in July of 2018. But what could be better than playing the biggest clubs in the world? Playing the first event ever in zero gravity. And BigCityBeats is giving YOU the chance to be part of one of the most unique clubs ever. World Club Dome Zero Gravity!

The German production company is sending their World Club Dome festival series to new heights! During a 90 minute trip on a modified A310 airplane the DJs and attendees will experience dance music in zero gravity. The promotional video for the event stresses that “you won’t believe it but the smallest club in the world will unite the world.” How do you ask? Well unlike many exclusive and upscale events, money can’t buy your way into this unbelievable event, and only two people from each continent will attend.

Tickets are only available to the winners of a contest. BigCityBeats is looking for “2 EDM Pioneers” from each continent, one male and one female. There will also be exclusive separate entries for the countries of Germany and India, meaning residents have an even better chance of winning! To enter, fill out the form on their contest page and upload a creative 20 second video about “why you are the chosen one.” They rules mention they are looking for the biggest clubbers in the world, so don’t hold back!

The contest runs until January 19th. Don’t miss you chance to win tickets to one of the biggest little clubs in the history of mankind. The only question left is how do you dance in zero gravity.