Armin van Buuren – Christmas Days

Armin van Buuren Christmas Days -

Armin van Buuren  – Christmas Days

Armin van Buuren is a monster on the dance floor. His trance anthems and his radio show A State Of Trance are infamous in the electronic music world. But an ingenious musician like Armin doesn’t limit himself to a genre or even to dance music alone. ‘Sunny Days‘ and ‘I Need You‘ are two examples of Armin diverging from the high octane trance he normally produces. However, these songs still retain the natural beauty of an Armin production. And so does ‘Christmas Days,’ his new tune with Josh Cumbee.

The slow gentle nature of the track feels like the first snow drifting down to earth. Save for a few gentle kicks near the end of the song, there are no typical electronic music sounds at all. ‘Christmas Days’ opens with light Christmas bells and a choir’s hum in the background. Piano chords, sleigh bells and Josh Cumbee’s voice along with the bells and choir vocals compose the entire track. Soft, simple and elegant, this new Armin production fits perfectly  with the cold winter season. This Christmas gift from the Armada boss is exactly what Santa would put in your stockings.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy the same boring old Christmas music every year then this song is for you. Add this song to your Spotify Christmas playlist or download it and take it anywhere. ‘Christmas Days’ feels like an acoustic recording so don’t worry about people not liking “that EDM stuff.” This song is guaranteed to fit in with any group. Even your grandparents will love it!  Check out ‘Christmas Days’ in the link below and have your self a Merry Christmas, courtesy of Armin van Buuren and the Armada family!